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PM-Kisan EKYC Morpho Setting 2022: These settings in the computer are required for KYC, therefore make the appropriate changes right away

Morpho Setting: PM-Kisan EKYC As you are all aware, the government provides numerous schemes and services to citizens on a regular basis, and you are also aware that you can profit from the government's PM Kisan Samman Nidhi programme. Farmers must complete the e-KYC process in order to receive help from the PM Kisan Yojana. Please provide us with additional information on this.

All citizens who have enrolled on the platform must now complete e-kyc. Citizens can complete their e-KYC using an OTP or a biometric. Farmers whose Aadhar card is linked to their cellphone number may easily complete their PM kisan E-KYC, while many citizen farmers whose Aadhar card is not linked to their mobile number are finding it difficult to complete their EKYC by finger print. Because PM Kisan's MORPHO DEVICE isn't compatible with his computer, or the light won't turn on.

These computer settings are required for KYC

PM-Kisan EKYC Morpho Setting must be installed on the PC for KYC. Yes, beneficiaries of PM Kisan must now complete E-KYC in order to get benefits from the plan; to do so, they must create a MORPHO. The next instalment will be transferred to your account only after that.

How can I set the PM-Kisan EKYC Morpho?

* The candidate must first visit the RD Service official website,

* The website's home page will then appear in front of you.

* To get the Morpho driver for Windows, go to Downloads on the home page.

* The Biometric Morpho device is then plugged into your computer and the driver is installed.

* Go to your computer's C drive once it's been installed.

* Now launch Morpho RD Service by clicking on it.

* After that, you should click on the configuration setting and save the process.

* On the screen, communication mode 1 will now be written; remove 1 and write 0.

* Then restart your computer once more.

* After restarting your computer, you should see the message "Biometric Registration Successful."

Any farmer citizens whose cell number is not linked to their Aadhar card and who are having difficulty completing their E-KYC through the internet medium, or if you are a CSC village level entrepreneur who wants to complete your E-KYC without an OTP, you are given the option to do so. Stick to the steps.

Visit the PM Kisan Yojana's official website to complete the CSC PM Kisan E-KYC process. Then you enter your CSC ID and password to log in. After that, select OTP / Biometric Aadhaar Authentication from the drop-down menu. Now type in your Aadhar number and hit the search button. After that, you enter your phone number and wait for the OTP to arrive. Now, press the submit button. After you've completed your E-KYC, go to Make Payment and pay Rs 5.3 via CSC Wallet. After that, you can download and print the PM Kisan E-KYC receipt by clicking the download button. After that, your procedure will be over. Here is the PM-Kisan EKYC Morpho Setting.

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