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7 cooking tools for healthy recipes

leek-640530_640Eating healthy is through the choice of a balanced diet and a reasonable lifestyle. In everyday life, it is easy to form good habits by changing, if necessary, some practices that are less so.

Among them, there are often our way of cooking: our kitchen utensils and tools are sometimes those of previous generations and require much fat for food preparation. With a few tips and new tools, you can prepare meals and healthy recipes!

Discover the 7 essential to have in your kitchen.

A nonstick pan to reduce fat

As its name suggests, the non-stick pan prevents food from sticking to the surface. It therefore considerably reduces the dose of fat for cooking. A small amount of fat, however, still necessary to distribute heat and brown the food.

Often finding the correct posts & pans for the right job will help a lot. For example if you use an induction cooker, then you will really need to find the best induction cookware for the job.

If your pan is not nonstick, use a nonstick baking sheet that you drop into the bottom of your pan. You can also use it on a baking tray in the bottom of a pie plate or cake …

Check out The Kitchen Guy for more info about all sorts of great cookware.

A steam-cooker to preserve vitamins

The steaming is the lightest and healthiest because it requires no fat and preserves the food vitamins. To achieve this type of cooking, electric steamer is ideal. Simply pour water into the tray provided for this purpose, then place the food (fish, meat, vegetables …) in the containers.

Wok to enjoy the benefits of Asian cuisine

Except for frying, Asian cuisine uses very little fat. The secret: a sharp and fast wok cooking, a kind of large skillet to high and flared edges that captures fast foods. Thus they retain all their vitamins, minerals and their flavors.

The wok is particularly suitable for cooking:

  • meat (especially white meat such as chicken, turkey …)
  • fish (salmon, cod …) and seafood (shrimp, calamari …)
  • vegetables (carrot sticks, etc …)

Good to know: wok cooking is full of flavor, it is advisable to use an oil that is resistant to high temperatures, such as peanut oil or sunflower oil.

When cooking, to flavor your dish, you can add a few drops of sesame oil, whose fragrance is very pronounced.

A silicone foil to preserve the flavors

Cooking en papillote is very healthy. It provides a gentle cooking which preserves vitamins and minerals. It is also easy and quick to prepare every day.

It can achieve with aluminum foil or parchment paper, but the silicon foil is the most convenient because it is ready to use (no bending).

For successful cooking en papillote, there are golden rules:

  1. Cut food into pieces: chicken into cubes, pepper strips, zucchini sticks …
  2. Add a little water in your packet, so that your food is cooked properly.
  3. Give taste by adding herbs, spices …

Good to know: If you are a fan of the twists in aluminum foil, are never put lemon or white wine juice, as this causes the aluminum particle migration in food. Or the high-dose aluminum absorption is harmful to health.

The paper towel to remove fat from broth

The paper towel is a simple trick to degrease all your broths!

Simply place the paper towel in the bottom of a fine strainer or cheesecloth, then filter the broth and garnish and then throw the paper. Thus, you are doing two things at once: you filter the broth and remove much of the fat retained in the paper.

Good to know: skim broth, passing a skimmer on the surface, is not used to degrease but to give it taste better. In fact, the foam is not composed of fat but coagulated proteins, which can give a bitter taste to the preparation.

A spray to better meter out oil

When cooking, often it is difficult to dose the oil … So to put too much!

But be aware that only one tablespoon of oil (olive, canola, sunflower, walnut …) provides 90 kcal. To reduce consumption every day, there is a handy little instrument: the spray.

The oil spray can be used for:

  • Dressing salads
  • Grease a dish or mold;
  • Brown meat, biscuits, pastries …

Good to know: in the Weight Watchers method, a cooking spray is used to meter the oil. 2 sprays ProPoints® = 2 units.

A juicer to refuel vitamins

To make fruit juice or vegetables home, using a centrifuge? Know that there are even more clever utensil: the juice extractor.

The extractor can be recovered from 10 to 30% juice by more than the centrifuge.
Because of its smooth rotation, it preserves the maximum of vitamins of the fruit or vegetable. In the case of the centrifuge, the centrifugal force produces heat which has the effect of destroying some vitamins.

This extraction method allows the juice to oxidize less rapidly. A juice made with a juicer should be drunk immediately; prepared a juice extractor can be stored up to 24 hours.